sumeru chatterjee

software developer & teacher


In June 2016 I started working at Ebay / Markplaats in Amsterdam (near Amstel Station) on a project called 2dehands. 2dehands (also known as 2ememain in french) is the biggest online marketplace platform in Belgium and has more than 2 million active users. It is also a part of Ebay / Markplaats.

The iOS App for 2dehands was developed by the Ebay global team in Portland but they needed a developer locally in Amsterdam to communicate well with the local management team and also custom features as suggested by local product management.

I ended up maintaining the iOS app singlehandedly and adding a lot of features over a period of 1.5 years. Towards the end I successfully hired my replacement who I trained for a month before leaving the project.

The app was built with an Objective-C legacy codebase but new features were written in Swift and added by dynamically linking Swift frameworks. In addition I also configured continuos integration with Jenkins and added many unit test suites.