sumeru chatterjee

software developer & teacher


In 2018 I was involved in the creation of the Moneyou Go App for Netherlands and Germany. In March 2018 I joined a team of around 50 people (15 developers) at the Moneyou Office in Amsterdam Science Park.

Moneyou is an online bank under the ABN AMRO Family and the project was to make a complete new app for checking accounts. Users can track their spending by dividing their money into several wallets. They receive a card in their mail which they can then link to different wallets.

The iOS App was built using Swift with a VIPER architecture together with Reactive Programming patterns using RxSwift. For a similar example please see this project on my github. Comprehensive UI Testing was done using XCode UI Tests which were then run parallely on multiple iOS Simulators on a GitLab CI Server.

I also contributed to the AWS Serverless Backend development by adding new AWS Lambda functions that read from and wrote to a AWS DynamoDB database. The stack was then deployed on Moneyou Private Cloud Infrastructure. For a similar example please also see this other project on my github Last but not the least, I also participated in the Moneyou Hackathon where I formed and lead a team of 5 people who ended up winning the hackathon. Our proposed feature was later incorporated into the app.