sumeru chatterjee

software developer & teacher

In 2013 I made my first startup project which was quite ambitious. I wanted to make a whitelabel solution for iOS and make a lot of apps from it by reusing the code. Each app would be called a node and the whole thing would be called NodeMesh.

In the end I did end up making three apps and released them under a company called Simple Apps LLC. The first one was called HackerNode and it was a client for HackerNews on iPhone and iPad. The second one called RedditNode which was a similar client for Reddit. The third one called DictionaryNode which was just an offline Dictionary App. You can see the website here.

The client app for Hacker News - HackerNode gained a lot of traction and had upwards of 7000 daily active users. The Show HN post was on the top of hacker news with 107 points. The twitter pages for HackerNode and RedditNode had a lot of follwers as well.

In the end I could not see a viable business from this whole thing and had to shut it down and move on with a job in the Netherlands. I learnt some really valuable lessons about App Marketing, Business Models, Customer Outreach, Beta Testing etc.